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WHY Israel avoids the truth about the Karabakh War?

In the foto belgian cellist, performed by Komitas
 in the destroyed cathedral of Shushi. 
Burn their houses and churches. And then see how it turns out that they laugh

 sing and offer prayers again, because if at least two of them happen to meet in this world, they will create a new Armenia!  © William Saroyan
Israeli weapons are killing the civilian population of Nagorno-Karabakh and official side of Israel is silent. The media in Israel do not want to introduce the war in Nagorno-Karabakh as how it is in reality. Is Media and Israel against Armenia? Is Media conspiracy – international problem?

A new Karabakh war has begun, and there is no alternative to its peaceful settlement.Azerbaijan's aggression with full support of Turkey against Armenia, Artsakh and Armenian community in the world is perceived as a continuation of the genocide policy that was launched over a hundred years ago. It is related with the strikes and continuous bombing of civil infrastructure (houses, hospitals, schools). 

Since September 27, the settlements of Nagorno-Karabakh are under permanent shelling - drones, missiles, aerial bombardment. About 90 thousand people turned out to be refugees, lost their homes, property. The infrastructure is damaged. People live under fire. This is what happens every day, regularly in Nagorno-Karabakh. That’s what happening to the people of Artsakh. 

Not only Turkey takes part in the aggression, but also the terrorists who were recruited in Syria and Libya. This information was confirmed by the USA, France and Russia governments. Today the war in Artsakh is a fight against international terrorism. 

Israel and Turkey are the two countries that supply weapons to Azerbaijan. This makes Israel complicit in the crimes committed. So Thus, Netanyahu is on a par with Erdogan and the terrorists who engaged in the destruction of civilians in the Middle East. 

Israeli weapons are used, including for peaceful purposes: dozens of the unexploded illegal Israeli LORA cluster munitions were discovered in the destroyed capital of Stepanakert, which is far from the front line. 

To date, no response has been received from Israeli officials or explanation of these steps. 

By supplying weapons to Azerbaijan during the war, which are used against the peaceful population, the Israeli government is actually creating a new hotbed of anti-Semitism in a country where it has never been. The Israeli will also be responsible for the consequences. Apparently, Israel has a government that put business interests above the interests of the Jewish people.

 That would be the same if Armenian side supplied weapons to an aggressive regime, who is deliberately engaged in the extermination of Jews. 

These are these theses of today's relations between Israel and Armenia against the background of aggression from sides of Islamic countries. 

Here are theses regarding the media, especially when the Azerbaijani aggression began in Karabakh, in the Israeli press in Hebrew, English and Russian. 

The number of articles has increased, and they describe the following: 

1. wonderful living conditions of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan; 

2. strong friendly and business ties between Azerbaijan and Israel; 

3. historical anti-Semitism of Armenians; 

4. the fascist ideology adopted in Armenia; 

5. inexpediency of developing relations between Israel and Armenia; 

6. a detailed description of the use of Israeli weapons in Karabakh; 

7.Public inclusion of Israel, along with Turkey in a single team opposing 

Armenian aggression; 

8. reports on the plight of Azerbaijani refugees; 


A few days before the press conference in Israel, the creator of the genocide encyclopedia, eminent genocide historian Israel Charny, in an exclusive interview with Agenda about the escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh, said: 

“Our intellectual community and especially the researchers of the genocide took a clear public position. In our statement two weeks ago, we called on Israel to stop selling arms to Azerbaijan. 

However, under the current chaotic and corrupt regime in Israel, the usual spheres of influence that we had in the past are closed, and we do not really hope to be able to influence this irresponsible and destructive government. For example, in the past we have had significant support from our President Rivlin, who very strongly supported the issue of recognizing the Armenian genocide, but paradoxically, his glorious position as president has less influence on the political process than his previous work in the Knesset. 

Turkey under dictator Erdogan clearly poses a serious threat to the Armenian people, and his talk about Israel threatens the rhetoric of the controversy over Jerusalem (and the ongoing vicious persecution of Kurds in Syria is proof of his criminal atrocities). 

I want to hope and believe that Israel will correct itself. I have no doubt that the majority of Israelis are with Armenia, and I am deeply concerned about our ugly role in not restricting the use of weapons sold to Azerbaijan against Armenia in any way. " 

It is not a secret that the lack of "official recognition" of the Armenian genocide by a number of states has only one reason: the blackmail of Turkey. It is known that the official recognition of the Holocaust by Armenia does not exist, because by the time the Armenian state was created, this had lost its relevance, which does not prevent our ministers from reproaching Armenia for this. This is confirmed by the fact that Armenia is not included in the list of those who recognized the tragedy. Last year, the US Congress voted to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Such a victory includes the question, how is it that the Jewish people who survived the genocide do not recognize the genocide of another people? What happens in relations between the two peoples? 

The world knows about the Armenian tragedy thanks to four Jews. The American diplomat Morgenthau, the Russian diplomat Mandelstam, the German writer Werfel and the Polish lawyer Lemkin raised their voices. Israel does not understand why the recognized and well-known fact of the Armenian tragedy should be consolidated through voting in parliament. There are doubts that among our 120 chosen ones there will be a dozen experts on the history of the First World War, at least at the level of general provisions. And it is completely doubtful that anyone there knows the course of events in Turkey that led to the ruthless extermination of Armenians in 1915, which is contagious in nature, persecution and persecution against the people in the endless repetition of the sad pages of history, where there is no solution to the conflict. As a result, Karabakh-Artsakh becomes the victim of the aggression of a number of Islamic countries headed by Turkey. Turkey, through Azerbaijan, by the hands of militants from Islamic countries, on September 27, began a war with the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh, which became the largest, longest and bloodiest conflict in the region since the end of the Karabakh war in 1994. 

From the Statement of the President of Russia on October 23 “This conflict began not just as an interstate conflict and a struggle for territories. It began with ethnic strife. Unfortunately, it is a fact when in Sumgait, and then in Nagorno-Karabakh, cruel crimes were committed against the Armenian people. We must take everything into account. At the same time, we understand that such a situation, in which a significant part of the territory of Azerbaijan has been lost by the country, cannot continue forever, ” 

Meanwhile, a week before this statement, the President of Artsakh accused Israel of tacit complicity in the sale of weapons to the side of the aggressor during the Artsakh war against the brutal militants who were purposefully sent to continue the extermination of the Armenian people. 

This statement caused the only interested person of the Israeli media channel 13 to identify the Armenians as Israel's enemies. Why is that so? 

photo Deda Sasha
Armenians in Israel are full-fledged citizens, they have the right to speak, react and express opinions. Almost every Armenian family in Armenia and Artsakh has relatives, friends, good acquaintances, whose life, especially in these dramatic days of events in Nagorno-Karabakh, worries hourly ... unwillingness of the Israeli authorities to somehow react. Therefore, the situation is more than heating up, and uncontrollable emotions overwhelm the mind from grief and powerlessness to help, save the lives of innocents who have fallen into a meat grinder because of the policy of relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan with Israel and other Muslim countries. 

The Armenians of Israel write letters to deputies, heads of the Knesset parties, the prime minister, the president: everyone who can be shouted at and called for instant responsibility and help from the leadership. But so far it is dull. Power keeps the side of silence. The Armenians of Israel, according to their each ability, try to help Artsakh whenever possible by sending money to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund for Artsakh. At the same time, the Armenians organize one demonstration after another: near the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in front of the Knesset, they organize rallies in cars from north to south, with shouts, slogans, placards against Turkey, Azerbaijan and against the sale of weapons to the aggressor ... Note that a day after the only demonstration of Azerbaijanis in Petah-Tikva, with no more than 50 people, where slogans of declaration of love for Israel were chanted, a group of Azeri residents attacked the Armenians, who were returning home by car along 1 Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway. It is impossible to remain silent about how they behaved: they jumped in the car where an elderly couple was sitting, rushed at the Armenians and beat them with flagpoles with Turkish and Azerbaijani symbols. As a result, two Armenians were hospitalized and placed in intensive care. And the instigators (9 Azerbaijanis) were arrested by the Israeli police in Jerusalem. The actions of the police proved that they were expecting this provocation and were ready for any scenario. 

The cultural and symbolic significance of Nagorno-Karabakh for both peoples cannot be overestimated. For Armenians, Karabakh is a historical refuge of Armenian princes and bishops, the last outpost of Christian civilization at the forefront of the eastern, Turkic world. Azerbaijanis consider it the cradle of their culture, from where the most talented musicians and poets came from. The history of Armenia becomes incomplete without this enclave, without its monasteries and fortresses of the highlanders; Azerbaijan's geography and economy are losing their usefulness without Nagorno-Karabakh. After numerous demonstrations, on October 27, Armenians began their attempts with few-crowded performances in front of the office of the Reshet TV concern in Ramat Hayale, demanding that the Israeli media cover what is happening in Artsakh and Israel's role in this war. 

As the publicist Nelly Gutina noted: “at the press conference held on October 19 in Israel, the impossible was done: we managed to draw attention to the most brutal war that is currently taking place in the world, and which, unfortunately, is hushed up by the international media for reasons we do not understand . " 

Doubts about silence on the part of the Israeli press were confirmed. There was not a single officially invited media representative at this important event. There were several incognito who, due to the silence on the part of the Israeli authorities, wanted to remain undisclosed. 

Photo Deda Sasha
Channel Agenda was informed that the leadership of one TV did not allow and even banned a military journalist from leaving Israel to fulfill his duty to viewers. Officially it became known that the bosses of the media are against the participation of their journalists in such an event. They say that they should at least formally remain neutral. No matter how heart the journalists are with us, they cannot violate a direct order. Thus, the journalist loses his real mission, which is to show the world the face of war no matter what. Instead, they show here what will be ordered by the authorities, which themselves depend on the authorities and on third forces that give them money to live on during the period of widespread unemployment due to the already total quarantine in Israel. 

The information struggle of Armenians becomes meaningless without the participation of the Israeli media. 

This forces them to apply in writing and with statements to the world for support. 

Meanwhile, thanks to the Russian journalist Semyon Pegov, we learn the truth about the war in Artsakh. In an interview with singer Abraham Russo, he said: "we show what we see." He compared the Artsakh people with the 300 Spartans of our time fighting the horde. In his opinion, this war will continue, and in the near future he sees no way out of this situation. 

We draw your attention: history repeats itself, like a hundred years ago, when the Armenian genocide occurred. Pegov was the first Russian journalist to say on the very first day that Syrian militants were fighting on the Azerbaijani side. But he was not heard on Russian TV channels. From the first day of this terrible war, he was on the front line, putting his life in danger every minute, and honestly covered all events. 

photo by Agenda
And at the moment there is a war that can become a strategic castling for the entire region and beyond. This is what we are trying to analyze. For this, for the first time in Israel, with the support of the Armenian group of Armenians, journalist Narine Melikyan organized a press conference under the auspices of the Israeli channel Agenda. But, despite the official invitations, the press ignored this event. But there were interesting people, among them a great man, historian-genocide scholar Yair Oron, who watched with interest what was happening around him. As noted by the historian, this press conference is not just important, this impossible event was necessary both for us and for the media, which, for obvious reasons, were absent. 

This again proves the axiom of disbelief of the truth in the face of the repetition and return of history: this is the inability to prioritize the threatening global danger and to have the fear of the orders of their superiors and in the complete absence of influence over the authorities. As Semyon Pegov noted in the Zvezda program: “Journalists who are dependent on the authorities and their bosses have weakness and fear of what the country may know.” Yair Oron donated to the Armenians his books entitled "Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide". 

photo by Agenda
It should be noted that at the press conference there was a zoom with a girl from Stepanakert, Anxelika Zacaryan, a journalist from CIVILNET, who from the first day of the war began to keep a diary about the life of the city in the face of war. The brother is at the front, and the mother works in the hospital. 

In one of her diaries, she wrote: 

"We were born and lived in this conflict, but we do not want to die in it." Lika convincingly said that she no longer expects anything from the world community, which, in her opinion, continues to be silent and do nothing. 

Yair Oron asked her a question: how does she see the end of this conflict? But, unfortunately, due to technical problems, this issue has hung. It would seem that the atmosphere of expectation on us and on the screen, the clear anxious face of Lika, who did not hear us anymore, said that we would not see the truce and the end of this conflict yet. 

What should this community do to make Lika believe the world? She, being constantly terrified of being bombed, does not notice and does not feel support and help from outside. We have to fully rely on ourselves and on the defenders of Artsakh. However, a day later, I contacted her and asked her to answer an important question for the respected research professor Yair Oron. Here is her answer: "I think that the people of Israel, who care, should contact their government, or somehow convey to them, and demand to stop supplying weapons to Azerbaijan. And the Armenians can try to increase the number of people who are not indifferent to this theme: The people of Israel must understand that their government is helping a country that is trying to commit another genocide! " 

Let me remind you: thanks to numerous demonstrations in the United States and competent people from the diaspora, who are arguing and debating with senators and NATO members, several American companies have already suspended the supply of weapons to Azerbaijan. Following them, Austria did it, which stopped the supply of aircraft engines to Turkey. Earlier, the Canadian company, under pressure from the media and the public, announced that it was suspending the supply of UAV engines to "countries with unclear use." 
photo by 
Olga Slutski

We spoke by zoom with Artsakh Republic human rights defender Artak Beglaryan, who lost his sight from a cluster bomb at the age of six. 

He is the only Armenian in the world and, probably, the only person who does not see, but climbed to the top of Ararat: “At the top, I realized that the challenge thrown to me was overcome”. He told us about what is happening now in Stepanakert: “I lost my sight, but I recognize an illegal cluster bomb when I hear it. I can touch the ruins of our Church of the Holy Savior in Shushi, which was bombed twice in one day, at that time how civilians (and visiting journalists) prayed inside. I can smell kerosene in the basements, where women and children of our republic now huddle, waiting for the end of the war. 

Together with my colleagues from the ombudsman office, we document human rights violations and hope that the world will stop being blind to them. 

Diplomats and lawyers can weigh the “self-determination of peoples” and “territorial integrity.” Analysts can discuss the geopolitical implications of Syrian mercenaries, jihadists, and other intermediaries who are pouring in to fight the Armenians. Armenian and Azeri troops can draw up battle plans. continue in the coming days and weeks. 

But what about human rights? 

Are there human rights here? Do children have rights here? Do women have rights? Do people with disabilities have rights? Do over 75,000 displaced civilians of Artsakh have rights? Do Armenian and Azerbaijani prisoners of war have rights? 

While the diplomatic world does not yet recognize this place, I have always believed that human rights are not the source of any kind of government or geopolitical handshake. They are not determined by the decision of Joseph Stalin on the annexation of Artsakh to the Azerbaijan Soviet Republic in 1921. They are not undone by the blindness of the world powers to our legitimate Democratic Declaration of Independence in 1991 and our achievements in building democratic institutions since then. They do not depend on which republic has oil revenues to hire lobbyists on their behalf. 

Whether they come from above or from within, human rights are inherent in the human condition and experience. And any person or organization that claims to defend human rights must defend them without any restrictions, especially when it comes to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations. 

You can call it the Republic of Artsakh, or the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, or something else. But people live here, just like thousands of years ago - ancient Christians, who are indiscriminately bombed, humiliated and destroyed. 

I will never see again. Many children here will never see their fathers again. But I hope you at least begin to understand what's going on here. Long before politicians, analysts or the military can find solutions, we human rights defenders must fulfill our obligation to protect the human rights of all people, no matter how invisible they may appear. " 
photo by Agenda

We were also able to zoom in with Pashinyan's advisor Tatev Poghosyan. It was important to know when the ambassador would return and start working with the Armenian population of Israel. Is this possible when the destruction of their people in Artsakh and the cold war with Israel are going on? He made it clear that diplomatic relations will resume only when Israel stops supplying weapons to the aggressor and the war in Artsakh ends. He stressed that this war has the character of three planes of the Armenians' struggle for peace, in which a truce is impossible. First, this is an open continuation of the Armenian genocide by Turkey, which wants to take our lands with the hands of Azerbaijan and militants from Muslim countries, and destroy us. Secondly, this is Turkey's invisible war against Russia for spheres of influence in the region. And the third component of the war is international terrorism, when the formations of kamikaze militants, aimed at exterminating unwanted peoples, are growing all over the world. 

In response to Poghosyan's speech, Yair Oron spoke out: “I am not a diplomat, but as a researcher, a historian interferes with why Armenia cannot express its position directly in the eyes. it is a crime against humanity and we are talking about war crimes. This is a tragedy for both Armenians and Jews. The problem is that we sell a huge number of weapons, which is only increasing. The sale takes place during the fighting, and some argue that even on the Day of Judgment there was a sale of weapons. I believe that Israel is involved in a war crime and no matter what name you give it. It is uniquely a war crime. The tragedy is that large states, which actually decide that divide in Nagorno-Karabakh, they do nothing to influence the situation for the better. This must be fought, as with Israel, which commits a crime ... We will pay for this. 

photo by Agenda
An eyewitness of the pogrom in Baku
 came to our event. Until the last moment, the organizers of the press conference doubted that he would come to tell us the most terrible and terrible page of his life. But he came and did it in defiance of the fears and threats against the family, which are periodically repeated by the Turkish and Azerbaijani citizens of Israel. Memories do not leave me, because so many years have passed and so many years have kept everything to myself, when they continue to kill us, there is no longer the strength to remain silent and are afraid. Soon I will state what was said by an eyewitness in the intervals between tears and seconds of silence. The full revelation can be listened to on our AGENDA channel. 

photo by 
Olga Slutski
Eduard Armaganyan 
is a historian who was born in Baku and graduated from the Faculty of History of AzSU. He is a person who knows the history of Azerbaijan, the history of the Armenian people, the history of Karabakh and the history of the Jewish people equally well. Edward said that falsifications, distortions of history and propaganda against the people lead to ethnic clashes. This excludes the possibility of signing any agreements and leads to pretensions - to rewriting history. He encourages to read the story, at least what is in social networks. Artsakh is not just an Armenian-speaking population, it is a traditionally historical region, culturally and nationally connected with Armenia. 

photo by 
Olga Slutski
Yehuda Rakhanaev
, artist - uses an educational approach, focusing on Jewish values: compassion, humanity. In addition, Rakhanaev fights for gender equality, dialogue between different ethnic groups, human dignity and freedom. 

In his opinion, the main enemy of humanity is ignorance. "When I talk to Jews, they don't know anything about Armenians." He is saddened by the fact that the Armenians in Israel are divided into communities in the regions, rather than rallied for action to influence. This is one problem. The second is that the Armenian and Israeli communities do not cooperate with each other, if only because there is a lot in common between the communities. We must look for the roots of rapprochement. This is the same as our Arab neighbors. You have to live with them, not fight. There is no need to love someone, it is a question of life. Azerbaijanis and Armenians should not love each other, but they should not kill each other. It is necessary to put pressure on the world society so that they, together with us, influence the state of Israel. 

Unfortunately, we did not cope with the two-hour time limit, we could not listen to everyone using the zoom. 

It was critical to learn from the former Minister of Communications, Yaub Kara, about Israel's reaction to the growing influence of Islam in the world. 

Given the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, who benefits from Iran's support? And if Iran supports Armenia, how will Israel react? 

photo by 
Olga Slutski
Colette Avital 
is an MP from Meretz, a former diplomat who has worked in the Foreign Ministry for most of her life and is therefore familiar with Israel's interests. She herself was saved from the Holocaust. She noted: “While we are trying to fight the rewriting of the facts of the Holocaust and the rewriting of the history of the Jewish people, I consider it absolutely unacceptable that we violate the state recognition of the Armenian Genocide. I'm talking about the historical moral side of the issue. All these years, Israeli-Turkish relations have been of a different nature. Better, worse, all the same, Israel did not officially recognize the Armenian genocide. I think this is the root of the problem. I believe that this topic should be discussed as much as possible at all levels. It is clear that Israel has its own interests to maintain internal relations with Azerbaijan, for it is a Muslim state. However, Azerbaijan is not Israel's great friend. Azerbaijan is a close friend of Turkey, Iran. 10% of the Azerbaijani gas pipeline belongs to Iran. Azerbaijan on the occasion gives Iran the opportunity to violate the sanctions. And we know that such transactions are connected precisely with corruption. I tried to find out at the Foreign Ministry what the official point of view of the state on the sale of weapons was, and they told me that there was no answer, because the topic was confidential. As far as I know, Israel has sold weapons of various types of destruction since 2016, including drones, certain types of weapons in an amount approaching $ 4 billion. 

And I absolutely do not understand why Israel has business interests with Azerbaijan, why weapons are being sold, while knowing what they are used for. 

I do not understand and do not accept and, believe me, I speak not only on my own behalf. Today I represent the Meretz party and we will raise the topic of both the Armenian genocide and the sale of weapons in the meetings. We must do as much as possible so that the Knesset members raise this issue before the commission of the Ministry of Defense, because weapons kill civilians. We cannot stop what has already been done, but we must stop the arms sales that are currently taking place. I know that there have been and will be meetings in the UN Security Council. The Security Council must intervene as quickly as possible to send UN troops and stop the war. 

photo by 
Olga Slutski
Aide to the Patriarch, press secretary Koryun Baghdasaryan, spoke about the letter addressed to Reuven Rivlin from Nurham Manukyan and their hopes that they will be able to reach their capabilities. Before his speech, Yair Oron expressed the opinion that Rivlin never said that he recognizes the Armenian genocide, but is the best friend of the Armenians and, moreover, nothing depends on him, as the president, in this matter. 

Alla Shainskaya
, by virtue of her profession of a scientist in Soviet times, has repeatedly worked together with Armenians in the Academy of Sciences. She told us how at a conference in Minsk, a scientist from Karabakh, instead of his report, put up a stand with photographs of the conflict in Artsakh, where he told and showed what was happening there. “Imagine what happened to everyone there, the Minsk scientists did not know what to do. They were all shocked, they were afraid. Even then, the Armenian people were not afraid of anything and differed from any other people by their love of freedom,” she stressed. If we cannot resolve this conflict among ourselves, the international community and the UN must intervene. 

“Israel's political interests are becoming more and more complicated today in connection with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The enclave, which is mostly composed of ethnic Armenians and voted in a referendum to unite with Armenia, has witnessed conflicts for more than two decades, and now it is facing all-out war. These hostilities are supported, and according to some reports, initiated by Turkey, which, according to reports, recruited mercenaries from Syria to fight against Armenians, promoting the ideas of Pan-Turkism in the region. 

Turkish President Recep Erdogan made statements hinting at "the completion of the work of our grandfathers." Few doubt that if possible, Erdogan will completely capture Armenia. After all, no one seems to care about the recent ethnic cleansing of Kurds in Syria by Turkey. 

The conflict is even more difficult for Israel because of diplomatic relations with a Muslim-majority Azerbaijan, as well as relations, albeit cold, with Muslim Turkey, despite its growing hostility to Israel and support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas. 

Israel also gets 40% of its oil from Azerbaijan and supplies 60% of weapons to Azerbaijan (which is well-deserved criticism). 

Although the diplomatic situation is extremely difficult, it is not worth it if we, as a nation, cannot adhere to our principles. Israel should not position itself on the side of Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan, and certainly not supply Azerbaijan with weapons used to kill Armenians. From a moral point of view, Israel should stand on the side of Armenia, on the side of the nation with common values and history with us. " - Emily Schrader, CEO of Social Lite Creative, Research Fellow at the Tel Aviv Institute. 
photo Deda Sasha

I would like to note that the Israeli Supreme Court refused to consider the suit against the Armenians in the case of stopping the supply of weapons to Azerbaijan, accusing Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Rachel Hen, the head of the export control department of the Defense Ministry, of this. The claim was not correctly filed, with no evidence base. 

photo Deda Sasha
After a velvet demonstration in front of the Foreign Ministry, the Joint Jerusalem Committee of All Armenians decided to prepare a new lawsuit on a legal basis. The question follows, will this committee turn to an international group of lawyers for help, or will they rely only on their own strengths, capabilities, cunning of actively influencing the media and knowledge? The right choice and approach of the incredible tangle of controversial relations between the parties will predetermine the course of events in favor of the Armenians of Israel and outside the country. 

Israel's close relationship with Azerbaijan should not be taken lightly, since it borders on Iran. It serves as a kind of observation point that monitors what is happening in Iran. And our opinion is just an opinion: if Israel one day decides to act against Iran's nuclear facilities, it is quite possible that the Air Force planes will take off from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. 

There seems to be no shift towards balanced relationships. Armenians will continue to shout that weapons from Israel are killing them. What is the strength of the protest against the flow of oil barrels coming to us from Azerbaijan, along with the flow of military exports from Israel of drones and cluster bombs? 

Life goes on both when there is a war and when there is a pandemic: in Shushi, in the cathedral of Kazanchetsots, twice fired by Turkish-Azerbaijani bandit formations, the wedding of a serviceman of the Artsakh Defense Army took place. 

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan wrote: “Life in Artsakh continues in spite of the war. The wedding ceremony of Hovik and Mariam in the temple of the Holy All-Savior Kazanchetsots in Shushi is, first of all, a message to the entire civilized world that the cannons must be silenced as soon as possible. " 

After the release of this article, it became known about the results of the voting in the Knesset on the topic of arms sales to Azerbaijan. An overwhelming majority of votes (40 against 10) decided to continue supporting Aliyev. 

Author: Narine Melikyan, 
Agenda channel 

Translate: Ernest Keryan 

Original see and read here on russian 

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